cold sweat on the face of god - live in the west

by Nihlotep

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Over the course of their tour with Vesterian in the summer of 2009, Nihlotep played in an eclectic collection of eccentric environments, from dive bars to downtown stages, from punk houses to family restaurants, in broad daylight and the dead of night, from the heights of hospitality and heartfelt support to the depths of street sleeping and empty pockets. Those who have been on a DIY heavy metal tour know that it is a work of art in and of itself. The whole tour was recorded by Eric Medina and the most unique tracks were selected for this live album. Fans of the band will recognize the hyper-intensity and narrative song structures that define the band's sound, but due to the last minute loss of a guitarist, the band is at its most cold and brutal, stripped of the sweetness of harmony and accompaniment.

"Play it like its the last thing you'll ever do, like it all ends tonight. Play it like that." -Sol Invictus


released November 8, 2009

Sol Invictus - Lead Vocals
Korism - Guitars
Solipsis - Drums

Recorded and mastered by Eric Medina 2009
Released November 8, 2009
Album Art by Korism




Nihlotep Berkeley, California

NIHL - empty, void
OTEP - god
NIHLOTEP - 1. (noun) the Divine Emptiness, the Great Mystery, the terror and the romance of the Unknown.
2. (noun) brilliant psychedelic heartfelt music from the place where knowing and choosing are one.

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